Why Mobile App Maintenance is important?

You have ascertained the importance of a Mobile App and have invested your time and effort, brainstormed a prototype and launched it on the Play store. There is one more thing that you need to consider i.e. maintenance of your mobile app. Just as you maintain your car, which is a vital vehicle for everyday use, similarly you need to monitor your app frequently, fix the bugs, add new features with the enhancement of the technology, updating existing features in line with upgrades to the mobile phone software.

Latest versions of Operating System

Your app might be working perfectly on the current operating system today. However, both Android and Apple continue to update their Operating Systems regularly to keep pace with the advancement of technology. For instance, with Apple’s recent launch of iOS 12, the apps need to be compatible and upgraded to the new launched version. Similarly, Android has launched version 9 and the same challenges would be faced by the apps and thus it is important to upgrade the app in line with the new launched versions. If the apps are not kept up-to-date with the mobile upgrades, there is a high possibility that some of the highlights of your Mobile App will not function properly.

That is the reason your maintenance plan should incorporate proactive reviews that happen when developers get a beta variant of a new operating system. This will enable you to get an idea of the unavoidable changes. All these changes should be made before your users opt a newer version of the operating system, rather than losing the users when unable to use the app to its full potential.

Security updates

Security updates are important to ensure the app’s integrity as well as to keep the user’s valuable data safe. Make sure that your app is free from security threats and bugs. The programming team will be able to fix the issues when detected.

User Interface (UI)

The modern user is always eager to see the new features and attractive user interface. Mobile application UI does not have any specific recipe. It is largely dependent on innovation, ideas and impressive designs to engage the customers along with the functional aspect added to your mobile UI for better impression.

Update new features

If your app was developed with a specific goal, adding new features might not be important for you. On the other hand, if your app is important to the users as well as to business, it is essential to update it with improved features.

Software Libraries

Software libraries include pre-written codes, script, procedures and configuration data. A mobile app developer adds a software library to automate the development process and ensure that the app is more functional. If your mobile app has software libraries which are not supported by the latest released gadgets and updates, the mobile app becomes useless.

If you are using third-party libraries in the app, it is necessary to update them as and when any libraries are getting updated. If you continue using the obsolete library in your mobile app, it would be difficult to implement and use new features and access the device’s functionalities.

Optimise App’s performance

There’s always a scope of improvement, be it a website or a mobile app. Performance on any mobile app is very important. It is a vital selling point and a reason why customers continue to engage with the app.

Financial Benefit in the long run

At the point when an organisation builds up an application, it attempts its level best to offer the ideal completed solution into the market. Despite the best efforts and detailed knowledge on the subject, making a perfect and faultless application is something impractical. Hence, in order to save future expenses, selecting and implementing a perfect maintenance plan is mandatory.


In order to avoid technical issues and improve the app’s robustness, it is always good to be proactive as opposed to receptive.

We, at Critical Mission Computing (CMC,) offer maintenance plans as per your app and business requirements. Feel free to connect with our highly experienced Mobile App Developers, to thoroughly understand the maintenance plans.

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