5 Reasons why customers might abandon your cart

This article will be useful to all eCommerce entrepreneurs to check and ensure the apt requirements for a successful conversion of the sales.

You might have created the perfect eCommerce website design, implemented the right eCommerce website solutions, but you are still faced with a high cart abandonment rate.

Cart Abandonment is a big problem. Without understanding the reasons why customers abandon carts, it is difficult to minimise the cart abandonment rate. This article will help you understand the most practical reasons why customers abandon the shopping cart.

Reason #1: Unexpected Shipping Cost

After researching a lot, Amy founds the perfect pair of shoes she was looking for. She liked it and decided to make a purchase. However, when she reached the checkout page, she sees an extra amount calculated in the payment summary. That extra amount was shipping cost plus the VAT. This frustrates Amy and she abandons the shopping cart.

Modern shoppers demand transparency from brands and suppliers. Hidden costs are one of the major reasons your visitors leave without making a purchase.

Reason #2: Please Create an Account.

Moderns shoppers expect convenience and instant results. They really do not wish to follow a series of multiple steps for making a purchase. Imposing the potential customers to create new account with email-id, contact details is an added commitment which makes them shy away from the site.

Reason #3: Unnecessary pop-ups during checkout.

The unnecessary pop-ups during the transaction or aggressive upselling irritate the customers. The intrusive advertising experience can be distractive and annoying and instead of making the purchase, they abandon the cart and jump to another website for quick and uninterrupted purchases.

Reason #4: Lack of Payment Options.

Easy and flexible payment methods are a key for the customers. Unable to find preferred mode of payment or BACS on delivery option will be a reason for abandoning the cart.

Reason #5: Payment Security Doubts.

Increasing no. of cyber theft and cyber-crimes are on the increase, hence the site needs to be secured and trustworthy. Major causes for hesitation include outdated layouts, missing images, design flaws, and no SSL certificate.

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