Top Enterprise Mobile App Development Trends

Since the past few years, mobile apps are playing an outstanding role in adding more comfort to our lives.

A huge no. of applications are available for Android and Apple users. You’ll be surprised to know the numbers! From December 2009 to March 2019, the no. of available apps on the Google Play store is 2.6 Million. The iOS store holds the second rank with approximately 1.8 Million available apps. (Source:

You must be wondering why you aren’t the part of such a huge number! How come your business is left behind in this race?

The mobile app development industry is one of the fastest growing industries ever. The invention of mobile apps has opened great opportunities for enterprises and entrepreneurs. It’s high time for the enterprises as well as entrepreneurs to grow their business and generate high revenues by investing in mobile app development.

Due to the fastest growing technology and remarkable inventions taking place all around, undoubtedly 2019 and coming years are going to be the years of high-end mobile apps for both enterprises as well as entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the top-end enterprise mobile app development trends in 2019 that you should look out for:

The Era of Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

While you might come across the term AR/VR technology in the gaming scenario, it is important to note that they are no more limited to any specific industry. Nowadays, even enterprises are making use of the advanced AR/VR technology for creating innovative apps that deliver a highly immersive experience to the end users.

AR (Augmented Reality) is the technology that adds some form of digital objects to the existing experience. On the other hand, VR (Virtual Reality) is known for allowing the users to experience a virtual world with the aid of high-end 3D images.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Both Machine Learning, as well as Artificial Intelligence, have been playing a major role in advancing the mobile app development industry. Artificial Intelligence makes use of high-tech coding mechanisms for bringing life into any technology.

One of the major application of Artificial Intelligence in most of the enterprise-based apps is the Chatbots- also known as Digital robots. The Chatbot establishes communication with the end users on the Internet via auditory or textual methods. When Artificial Intelligence collaborates with Machine Learning, it can work wonders in delivering valuable data along with real-time analytics.

Instant Apps

Since its inception in 2016, instant apps have been gaining popularity when it comes to the latest mobile app development trends. Instant apps are native mobile apps that are not required to be downloaded on smartphones.

They are very user-friendly and convenient to use. They occupy a very small space of your smartphone. The main reason for the popularity of these apps in the modern era is that they keep the memory of your phone free.

Mobile Payment

The current year experienced a speedy rise in the trend of making online payment through leading mobile apps. Most banks and financial institutions are nowadays offering advanced mobile banking services. In the coming times, it is expected that people will shift more towards making an instant transfer of funds through mobile apps.

Importance of Cloud Storage

As we are advancing towards the integration of cloud platforms, cloud-based apps are also gaining importance. Despite the large hard disk space, every smartphone deals with Storage space issues. Also, a large amount of important data is stored in different applications –eating up a lot of space. Because of limited storage space, downloading of new app results into the deletion of the old one. With the introduction of cloud technology in mobile app development, a huge amount of data can be stored in a specific cloud.

The enterprises, as well as entrepreneurs, can make the most of the latest mobile app development trends for improved success and tremendous growth. Draw the attention of the target audience with the help of innovative mobile apps.

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