The Three Questions That Could Improve Your Website

This time of year can be a great opportunity for business owners to get the breathing space to reflect and consider how things are going and what could be done better going forward. At UK based Web Design Company, Critical Mission Computing, we recommend incorporating a quick and honest website review into that process. Nothing onerous – just start with three quick questions:

Who looks at your site?

Google Analytics is fantastic for providing information about your website audience. Not just who they are in terms of gender and age range but how they found you, when they visited, and how they viewed your site (from desktop or mobile). It’s a really good idea to be familiar with this information if you’re going to assess whether your website is working as hard for your company as it should. We can set this up for you if you don’t already have it so do get in touch if that’s something you’re interested in.

Why do they visit your site?

Think about the why. Why do people visit your site? Are they potential customers ready to make a purchase or people who are just information gathering at this stage? Many sites that were developed more than four or five years ago were really designed as an online version of the traditional marketing brochure. Which was great at the time. But we’ve become more sophisticated in our browsing habits and now expect more.

If your audience is comprised of people ready to make a purchase then make that easy for them. Does your site have a call to action on every page? Is the purchase process clearly signposted? And if your visitors are information gathering then think about what they’ll need to know and make sure you provide answers to all potential questions. Enlist the help of friends and family to brainstorm the information that they’d expect to see if they were browsing for what your company sells.

What do they want to see there?

It is interesting to note that one of the top viewed pages will often be a ‘meet the team’ or similar. That’s because people buy people. Yet many small businesses make the mistake of presenting a ‘faceless’ front on their website because they think it makes the company look bigger. Your people, even if it’s just you, are your best assets – so put them on your website!

People want to see that your company has the experience and credibility to provide the product or service they’re looking to buy. So make sure you convey those qualities. Perhaps you can provide some sort of online assessment for whatever problem it is that you solve? For example, a personal trainer could provide a short fitness assessment questionnaire to give visitors an idea of their fitness level? A recruitment consultant might give some free tips how to improve a CV, and so on.

What next

Compare the wish list of information visitors would want to see on your site with the content you currently have. And pick three small things you could change. It might be:

  • to upweight your people page (and then share that information on social media)
  • to strengthen (or add) your calls to action
  • to incorporate some ‘giveaway’ content

However you decide to tweak your website, at Critical Mission Computing we’d love to partner with you. We’ve got extensive experience making wonderful websites for all sorts of businesses in all sorts of areas (both in terms of business type and geography!). So, whether you’re a Bookkeeper looking for web design in Bromley, a Caterer wanting web design in Croydon or a Tutor with a requirement for web design in Tunbridge Wells, no obligation conversations are free so why not get in touch?

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