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We are pleased to have worked with Alka and her team for our last two websites and are confident with her high technical knowledge and breathe of experience. Our website was done to a very high professional standard and we are very pleased with the end product. We were guided throughout the process and worked collaboratively to facilitate completion in good time. We have had very good compliments about the site. A big thank you to Alka and her team!

Jo Jingree

Alka and her team created my website with care, attention to detail and brilliant customer service. I am thrilled with the website for my new mortgage advice company and I believe it well presents my brand and professional image. Thank you Critical Mission Computing!

Lynda Hudson

I’m a member of Laptops and Lipstick women’s networking group. I’d like to thank Alka Bagga, a fellow member and also owner of Critical Mission Computing, https://www.criticalmissioncomputing.co.uk/ who has recently completed an excellent new website for us which is very colourful, clear and easy to find exactly what you are looking for. I think that the site gives a good picture of who we are and what we are about. She couldn’t have done a better job and if you too are interested in networking please click the link here and have a look! https://www.laptopsandlipstick.co.uk/

Emma Pyott

I am really pleased with my new website. I had a very clear vision for how I wanted it to look and feel and Alka and her team absolutely delivered on that. Alka is extremely structured, organised and responsive. If she hadn’t had to wait for me to supply copy I’m confident that she would have had the site live before I’d finished briefing her!!

Tony Jupp

Critical Mission Computing Ltd has just updated my daughter’s company website from a previous website designer. The result is much better than expected, being very easy to navigate and optimised for both PC and mobile devices using a multitude of platforms, ie Windows, Facebook etc.

Amelia Carter

Would just like to say thank you so much for the amazing site you have produced for us, it’s so clear to use and can see how much work has gone into it behind the scenes. We look forward to seeing how far we go with the site and what the future brings for us and new projects we can create!

John Hudson

John Hudson

Want a new site? Having decided on Alka and her team to create a new website for us, we waited with bated breath. We knew how difficult it can be to make important decisions on matters which are outside our field of expertise.

Sahira Bevis

Teasel Fabrics and Interiors Ltd cannot express enough their gratitude for the time and dedication spent by Critical Mission Software in the development from scratch of our new website. Working to a stringent deadline Alka and her team have produced a truly creative experience which showcases both product and services available to our clients.

Lynda Hudson

Alka created a bespoke program for us which allows us to send all the marketing information for Lynda Hudson’s hypnosis downloads and CDs to distributors all over the world.

Previously this was a really time consuming, laborious activity which by its very nature was possibly more prone to error. Alka has delivered a program which has ensured a speedy and accurate process and lightened the life of our colleague who carries out all this work!

From the start she was very business-like, generous with her time and listened to our needs and understood them well. She sent a very detailed proposal of the program with costs and timings for every step of the way. Alka consulted with our colleague and produced just what was needed for a really streamlined, effective program. Unlike so many, Alka stuck to her targets and delivered more than her original promise.

I couldn’t recommend Alka Bagga more highly.

Heidi Rolfe

Heidi Rolfe

Working with Alka and her team has been an absolute pleasure. For someone with little technical understanding, the whole website building process seemed quite daunting until meeting with Alka for the first time. She talked through our options in layman’s terms explaining the differences and helping us to decide on what has turned out to be the perfect product for us. Her attention to detail and proactive working ethos meant we hit our deadline without fuss. Any hitches were dealt with immediately and effectively – nothing was too much trouble. I would highly recommend Critical Mission Computing.

Jas Anand

Jas Anand

I have been meaning to update my website for a while but found the task to be daunting until I had a chat with Alka. She instantly made me feel positive and energetic and excited about the possibilities of what could be achieved to freshen up the Anand Collection image and profile in the Travel Industry. The understanding of what was needed and required came easily to Alka and her team and I was presented with a super theme and layout and the imagery of my hotels came to live and hence now I have an outstanding website to make me stand out from my competitors! The timing, delivery and support was well organized and I would like to thank her and the team for all their hard work and efficiency in enhancing my website. It is great to find a company who are not only knowledgeable but also very passionate about their work and I would always recommend them.

Carol Harris

Carol Harris

Critical Mission Computing Ltd have Provided an excellent tailor made service for us for several years. They respond immediately to any queries we may have and are quick to rectify any difficulties.

Kim Benham

Kim Benham

I am over the moon with my new website by Critical Mission Computing Ltd. I had been wanting to change my tired “build your own” website for a while and was very lucky to come into contact with Alka Bagga, who has transformed my two company websites, reviving them back to life with the latest technology. She has created two perfect websites for my pre-schools, giving prospective parents clearly signposted information on a fabulous template reflecting my business. I was given professional and personal support throughout the whole process. Nothing was too much trouble, always a positive upbeat approach to any changes I wanted, and Alka was full of brilliant ideas. The quick and efficient work of Alka and her team, who worked tirelessly, giving me the new live websites in just over a week. Alka kept me up to date with every step with emails and phone calls. Skype calls were great as she showed me the website developing. I also have a new logo and email signature created by Alka. My companies have never looked so professional online! Aftercare continues as I take over the controls myself. I highly recommend the work of Alka Bagga and the tech team of Critical Mission Computing Ltd. Alka, you’re amazing, thank you.

John Hudson

Alka Bagga created a bespoke program for us. After detailed consultation she produced a comprehensive proposal of exactly what the program would do and when each stage would be completed. I have to say Alka’s whole approach was impressive and she delivered exactly as promised plus a few extras.

If you are looking for bespoke computer software I would highly recommend speaking to Alka Bagga at Critical Mission Computer Ltd before going any further.

Fiona Coppard

A big shout out for Alka from Critical Mission Computing. Alka and her team has worked so hard on my website and in just over a week we have added my Vitamin-shop with online purchase facility and Cookery morning availability calendar for people to book cookery lessons online.

She is very professional and hard working and has guided me through all I needed to do to help her get all this work done in a short time. I am very grateful to her and her team.

Tracey Davis

I approached Alka and her team to help me to create my website and links to Social Media. I had an idea what I wanted, a business plan but no idea what to do in regards to this. She was very helpful and informative as to what they could provide, what I could expect and came up with tons of other ideas I hadn’t thought of. She works fast and accurately and her team is very knowledgeable. I have no doubt that any issues I may have will be dealt with swiftly and effectively. Creatively they obviously have a lot of experience too, they got what I wanted and how I wanted things to look and any changes were made quickly. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for website creation, from all aspects of this process.

Rod Craig MNI MIH

Having inherited very inefficient, unwieldy and restrictive contractual arrangements for running the business’s website, I then engaged Critical Mission Computing Ltd to rationalise its administration. Whilst this process is ongoing, the first step was for Critical Mission Computing Ltd to produce a high level specification designed to update the site and greatly improve both functionality and effectiveness. I also engaged Critical Mission Computing Ltd to take over the hosting of the website until the former process has produced a precise specification. From the outset, Critical Mission Computing Ltd engaged in a highly professional and thorough scoping discussion and demonstration, and within a very short time frame. Since then the liaison, advice and general customer service have been exemplary and confidence-inspiring, and their proposed charges extremely competitive. I unreservedly commend CMC Ltd to any business or organisation requiring such services.

Dr Shilpa Patel

When we made the decision to have a new website created it was something that we were concerned would be long and tiresome process. How wrong we were!!

Alka came to meet with us to discuss what we liked and disliked with our current website and what we wanted out new website to be and contain.

I found that Alka guided us through the whole process telling us what would Work and how we could make out idea even better! She was very knowledgeable, informative and professional at all times.

We were always given choices on layouts and design and out feedback was always listened too.

The whole process was stress free because we were given a plan and time frames from the outset we knew exactly what was happening and when.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Alka.’

Sangeeta Mehta

When I was looking around for someone to create a website for me, I was confused and swarmed by the different approaches available out there.

Critical Mission Computing came to my rescue. The team helped me to shape up my thoughts and guide me throughout the process. They were patient to listen to my likes and expectations. It was wonderful to get the same person to talk with every time I had a question. I could rely on them to be there for me even for follow-ups.

I was very happy with the pleasing look of the website, as I am a firm believer in the ‘first impression’ theory when it comes to the myriad of sites available on everyone’s fingertips today.

They gave me an easy to work with website which could keep anyone interested to browse through the different aspects irrespective of them being tech-savvy or not.

Frances Allushani

I wanted to design a system which would replace a convoluted process that involved a lot of copying and pasting between multiple spreadsheets. After just one meeting Alka produced a very detailed specification which was most impressive. After one further Skype meeting the new web-based system was designed and ready for testing. After a few minor adjustments my new system is up and running and it will save me a huge amount of time in the future and therefore reduce costs to the business.

Alka responded to support issues that arose immediately after going live most promptly and the issues were resolved with impressive speed.

I have no hesitation in recommending Alka and her team at Critical Mission Computing.

Carol Harris

Gill Eldridge

Gill Eldridge Alka has been a wonderful support to Bromley Mencap over the last 10 years. She set up several tailor-made databases to assist with our varied projects. She always listened carefully to our needs, learnt about our projects and ensured our databases were fit for purpose making reporting for funders extremely easy. Alka responded quickly to any issues we had and much of the maintenance work on our databases was carried out at night or over the weekends to ensure our staff weren’t inconvenienced. We have been very happy with the efficient and effective service offered by Critical Mission Computing.

Sharon Hopkins

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for all your recent hard work in completing our Web Site Enhancement Project. We have now worked together for almost 20 years and I can say without reservation that it is an absolute pleasure working with Critical Mission. You are a most professional organisation and your personal commitment to all the projects you have undertaken for us including the new Data Base and our original Web Site have been outstanding. Ensuring our suppliers provide real attention to detail, deliver on time and at the agreed budget is of the highest priority and one that Critical Mission has fulfilled on every occasion.

Thank you very much for your help and support. As you know having enhanced our original database with you many times over the years it is now time for us to completely refresh this part of our business and we look forward to working with you on our next Data Base project very shortly

Hannah Peek

The service that we have received from Alka and the team and Critical Mission Computing has been both very professional and straightforward.

The brief was delivered to them and the results were returned quickly, efficiently and exactly what we wanted.

Critical Mission Computing listen to what the customer requires, discusses the options and then send you a brief of what you require. All work can be checked before going live and all amendments are dealt with swiftly.

I would not hesitate to recommended them 100%

Tracey Skillern

Tracey Skillern As a small charity we were recommended to use Critical Mission Computing. Our experience of using them has been great, the skills and knowledge they have shown have been impressive as out set up is not an easy one. Alka Bagga has been great she has from the start given us a personal touch and has from start to finish the whole transfer to the website has been with the upmost professionalism. When there has been a problem the support times have been great with most problems solved the same day. The deadlines quoted have been met and I would highly recommend them to other companies.

Rajan Arora

What we really appreciate about Alka and her Team is that they didn’t just provide us with a website solution for our business by developing www.trainingforall.org ; they offered us alternative insights and best practices around our site design, functionality, and content.

It may sound cliche, but CMC provides us with solutions even after the major project is complete, with caring handholding and valued enhancements—which has helped us sustain and grow our business further in today’s competitive business environment.

They are brilliant in their area of expertise!

Belinda O’Grady

As a small Community Magazine I am a member of a local networking group, Laptops & Lipstick and that’s where I met Alka. My website needed updating, it was 4 years since the last one was created and it needed to modernise and I felt be simpler. Throughout the process Alka was very prompt and responsive. She came across very motivated and enthusiastic throughout the development of the site and she had a great attitude towards stumbling blocks. The website was finished in a timely manner which is all down to Alka and her team. It is fresh and clean and I believe easy to navigate – all of which I wanted.

Dr Shilpa Patel

Critical Mission Computing has created a bespoke website specifically tailored to my requirements and one which I am able to update very easily. Thank you so much to Alka and her committed team who have worked tirelessly for making this possible.

Thank you for designing, developing and deploying the ‘Stratford Dental’ web application project. It was a pleasure working with you and your team and would like to thank you for your time and commitment.

Rob Anscomb-Gates

As a new CEO I had lots of tasks pulling on my time. The external face of the organisation is key in our digital world. Alka’s in depth knowledge and efficient approach to work was just want I needed, she works quickly and can adapt easily to the business needs. I was delighted with the end result of Frontiers new website, I would highly recommend Alka and her team to any organisation.

Dr. Veena K. Arora

I couldn’t be happier with my choice of CMC for my website www.weallareangels.com. They understood our need prima facie, and then delivered beyond my expectations. They have the knack to convert our ideas into reality, which is visible on every page of our website.

We have had a lot of footfall due to the SEO which they suggested and implemented; it has helped us convert a good percentage of the leads into fruitful business.

Team CMC is truly professional and talented. I recommend them strongly.

Clients friend from Germany

I have just taken a long look at Lynda‘s new website.

Brilliant ! ! ! !

It is very professional and must have been built by someone who really knows the Job.

Very easy to find one’s way through the menus, beautifully laid out with extremely modern design, graphics, and type fonts. If that doesn’t bring home the bacon, I shall be very much surprised.

I couldn’t imagine anything better.

Pia Goldsack

We decided to engage Critical Mission to design a new website for Domestic Ambassadors Ltd. Alka took the time to listen to our requirements and came up with different interesting and unique designs and ideas. After we have chosen the design we all liked and the website went live she made several visits to the office to sort out the problems that we encountered and guided us through until we are fully satisfied. Our motto, ‘Service with a Personal Touch’ was what we experienced from Critical Mission.

Josie Foster

Alka has been working with myself and the Furnishings Studio website for the last 3 or so months in giving it a refreshed look and the transfer of the site from a previous host to enable us to be more focused on the website as a main tool of advertising the company and keeping clients and prospective new ones interested in what the company provides.

Alka has been very attentive to me and performed her skills on the website very well which shows that she is passionate about her work.

With qualities such as professionalism, delivery time, support and approachability she has been excellent. She has kept in touch with progress on the work in hand very well and I look forward to a continued good working relationship in the future. There is still work to do on the website which I am certain Alka will do her best to achieve a top quality product which it promises to be. We are going to be using professional images and I look forward to presenting them to her to replace some of the existing ones.

We are local, we can visit your premises (listed below) to discuss your needs and go through the specifications.

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