How to improve your Google Page Speed?

The page load time or the time taken by the browser to receive the first byte of info from the webserver is known as page speed. The page speed has always been an important factor to determine the site’s organic search ranking and Google Ads quality score. Page Speed is the assessment of how quick the content on your page loads.

You can assess your page speed via Google Page Speed Insights Tool.

Importance of Google Page Speed?

The pages with longer load time have more bounce rates and drastically affect conversions. The faster pages are more capable of improving the user’s average time on page. Delivering a fast user experience can boost your page’s conversion rates. As per Google’s guidelines, page speed is a vital factor for their search index. You might lose half your prospects if your site’s page is taking too long to load the content.

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How to improve Google Page Speed?

Diagnose the reasons causing your site pages to run slower and then fix these issues.

  • Use the best SEO techniques.
  • Optimise the images, reduce their file size without decreasing the image quality.
  • Improve the server response time.
  • Reduce the page redirects.

Using Pagespeed Insights, you can optimise your site following the below steps.

  1. Scan your website.

  1. Review Scores & opportunities.

  1. Implement suggested improvements.

  1. Re-scan the website & keep a periodically check.

If you are losing your prospects because you are not able to boost your sites page speed, give Critical Mission Computing, CMC a call, well help you out.

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