Great Reasons for Small Businesses to Blog

If you are a small business, then you appreciate the value of marketing, promotions and referrals for a thriving profit margin.

Today’s tech-driven society offers a variety of options to achieve that goal. Blogging is one such effective method to reach out to your target market.

Here are a few pointers on the need and necessity of blogging for small businesses.

Browsing the Internet

  • For any information required, the first protocol and the best responsive method used these days is the ‘use of internet’, whether it is on mobile phones, ipads, notebooks, laptops or desktops.
  • The consumer is seeking information and the blog should offer value to their query.
  • Consistent flow of helpful content for the audience helps establish trust for seeking the information.
  • Audience ‘share’ valuable, expert information with other audiences. Good blogs are shared and you would have a good chance of interested audience visiting your site/business/products.
  • It is all about footfall!
    Over a period of time, you build credibility by offering helpful and informative content through the blogs. This increases the footfall on your website with higher customer conversion rates to your site, and consequently, to your business.

Topics to cover in Blog Post

  • To begin with, the topic itself should be engaging and interesting for the audience
  • The way you build the information and the interest, should lead the audience to look into
    • Your Business
    • Your Customers
    • Your  Products

Sharing your successes, failures and lessons learned with the audience; humanises the blogs.
It helps to build a rapport of trust and comfort with the ‘unseen’ potential client.

Social Media

  • Social Media is the new ‘word of mouth referral’, simple as that!
    Utilise its amazing potential!
  • Providing relevant content to the readers on the Social Media (SM) is a great way to engage the SM audience.
    • Post blog articles to all Social Media platform like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or anywhere else
    • Content of the blog gives reasons for the social media followers to click through the link which gets them to the website.
    • Consistent blogging increases the traffic to the website, hence uplifting the increase in page views as the business gets more exposure.


  • Blogging is a good channel to get the audience to notice your branding.
  • Branding also goes out when you dish out your blogs using the SM channels
  • When the audience share or comment on your blogs, they are referring your business further
  • Repeated exposure enforces the branding in the audience’s mind.
    When they see your logo (brand) time and again, they start associating and connecting it to your brand
  • High quality brands build brand authority on your website

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Strategic blog writing increases and uplifts your SEO. Some points to keep in mind are:

  • Write to target a potential market/audience
  • Utilise well- chosen keywords to drive the audience to your site
  • Inbound links bring the audience back to your site
  • Relate the topics and categories to your business so that the audience finds you through the blog

In short, blog writing will boost the bottom line for your business in more ways than one.

  • It allows you to reach out to a wider audience
  • It is an amazing tool to target potential clients
  • Increased footfall to your site means potential increase to the profit margins
  • It will create and cement valuable connections with your clients
  • It will boost website traffic to steer the audience to your business
  • You can impart valuable information on behalf of your industry/business
  • It opens doors for you to develop healthy communications through sharing with and learning from like- minded people
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