Email Marketing Trends 2020

Email marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies to interact with your target audience, convey your brand message, acquire new customers and keep continuous interaction with the existing ones, no matter what your business niche is.

Due to a great number of bulk emails and unsolicited spam, your email may get concealed in the inbox or displease your potential customers. Therefore; running a successful email marketing campaign requires knowledge, practice and creativity.

How to make the most out of email marketing?

Below is the list of top e-mail marketing trends that can help you drive more sales.

Simple email design helps to sell more

Since users receive substantial number of brand emails in their inbox, it’s important for any business to draft an eye catchy email that is effective, attractive plus authentic and clear. When it comes to creating attractive emails, most people hold the belief that emails overloaded with bright colours and images are more noticeable. In the era of over polished ads, customers demand authenticity in 2020 the scenario is going to be entirely different. Sending simple emails with minimalist design and plain text helps to enlighten your brand and build an emotional connection with customers. Also, the minimalist email design helps to optimise email load time and deliver a polished brand message that helps to sell more.

Personalised automated campaigns

Nowadays, emails are getting more personalised, interactive and more effective than ever before. Hence, drafting one email for everyone is not the way forward. In 2020 and beyond, hyper-personalised automated campaigns can give great results. Considering users browsing behaviour and using real-time data, companies can send highly relevant emails to the target audience. Also, segmented and targeted emails hold power to take visitors to your website and increase sales.

Mobile-first Optimisation

It’s the age of smartphones. Huge number of emails are now accessed on smartphones as compared to the days when desktop or laptops were solely used for absolutely everything.  In today’s day and age, from reading emails to making a purchase, mobile phones are widely used than ever before.

Are all email campaigns optimised for mobile devices?

Certainly, No! Statistics show that only 20% of email campaigns are optimised for mobile devices. This implies that even after making a lot of effort, your target customers do not get to read your emails. Therefore to increase the email click-through rate, it is vital to optimise your email for mobile audience.


As technological advancement continues to reshape email marketing, it’s indicating that there’s a good scope of things you can do at every level of your strategy to improve results. It’s also clear that email marketing is here to stay. We, at Critical Mission Computing, make the best use of next-generation technology, creativity and best practices to create well-optimised emails that look great on mobile devices that hold power to increase email click-through rate.

E-mail marketing is a hot ticket to gain and retain customers.

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