A Short Guide for Google’s Featured Snippet

Every SEO Optimized content wants to rank on the first page of Google. However, obtaining that #1 spot isn’t an easy task.

You probably would have observed that Google usually provides an answer for your searched query before you even click on any link. These short answer boxes snapped from the content pages on the web, are called Featured Snippets. These answers are drawn from websites securing top search results, but not automatically the first one.

But is it really worth to fight for a featured snippet?

When Google had already responded to the query, why would the visitor click and go through any site? And if visitors aren’t clicking on your website, your efforts may be a total waste.

We all know the importance of meta description but there’s a myth that users won’t click on your website if the meta description is too informative. However, studies have proved that the content of the website featured in the snippet box increases web traffic and CTR significantly.

Snippets have the power to raise your site’s profile and build a positive impact on searchers’ minds.

How to make a featured Snippet?

There’s no full shot guarantee that your website’s content will appear on Snippet box. Why and how Google chooses a particular article to be on no 0, above than 1 is Google’s own mystery. However, there’s no magical formula to achieve #1st rank or #o rank, but if you want to win the battle to be on the topmost rank, here are some tested ways:

1. High-Quality Content.

Even though your online content is meant for the human audience, it still must meet the needs of the search engines.

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2. Answer specific questions.

Modern searchers type their queries on Google in a similar way they would have asked any human. It has been noticed that the majority of searchers type their queries in a question format. For e.g., “Who shot Philip Hamilton,?” is searched more than “Philip Hamilton duel”. And Google is very smart in spotting similar questions. So, it is advisable to frame the text in an answer format as a featured snippet usually displays answer questions.

3. Be clear and concise

Google’s featured snippet displays max 97 words or 752 characters. But this doesn’t mean that your full post should only be of this length only. A long post consisting of high-quality content has more probability to grab space into the top 10 SERPs.

4. Write organised answer.

You cannot tell Google to display a particular part of the text as featured snippet but yes, you can organise the content in a way that allows Google to easily spot the part of the text which is more relevant. The content arranged in a paragraph, numbered list, table, bullet format or step-by-step instruction has more chances to appear on position 0 rankings.

5. Use SEMrush to find your competitor’s snippets.


The best way to achieve this special ranking is to upload high-quality unique content with relevant keywords, headings, and subheadings, high-quality images, and videos. But earning the highest possible ranking on Google without advertising is a tough task. Featured Snippets can give you a great traffic boost.

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