3 Reasons Why Your Business Need Social Media Presence

No matter what’s the size of your company or the nature of your business, social media is an integral part of every online business marketing strategy. In the booming eCommerce world, investing time, efforts and money in social media is a wise business move. Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more help you to connect with a large audience, increase brand awareness, generate quality leads and boost sales and conversions.

SEO is to attract attention, Social Media is to keep it!

Why Social Media presence is important?

1. Using Social Media for business improves the sites Search Engine Visibility.

Increased traffic and user engagement are what all e-business aspires. If your potential customers aren’t able to find you on the Internet, will your e-store experience huge traffic? Certainly, No.

Social media profiles/pages help you to improve your search engine ranking organically, allowing more prospects to reach you and giving you the chance to convert them into customers.

Search engine Crawlers knows well which pages are just floating on the world wide web and which pages are earning high traffic. Although a killer content strategy, attractive UI, keyword analysis, etc play a major role in site’s search engine ranking but driving quality traffic to your optimised pages via social networking sites will help you climb much faster.

2. Social Media Platforms are trust-building channels.

Social media platforms play an essential role in earning customer’s trust. Through social platforms, the business owners can keep their prospects and existing clients updated about their latest product launch, prevailing discounts and upcoming ones, feedback and testimonials of other customers and much more. All these recent updates help to build customer’s trust in your brand. This positive brand image helps in business growth.

Dont use Social Media to impress people, use it to impact people.

3. Social media advertising campaigns allows targeting as well as re-targeting.

Social media platforms allow you to run highly customised and targeted ads. The Facebook ads can target audiences by factors like education level, location, age, user behavior (e.g., the pages user has already liked), and much more. With the help of Ads Management tools like Hubspot, it is easy to get detailed insights into the ad campaigns. Connecting ads to CRM allows seeing exactly which ads are running successfully, converting prospects into customers and which ads aren’t fruitful enough to continue.

Installing Facebook pixel on your website helps in re-targeting the customers, based on how a particular ad affects customer behavior. Facebook is very smart to judge which users or sections/categories of users are more likely to buy a product and click a link. Accordingly, it displays the ads to that section of users only where the probability of solid sales and conversions is high.

We can help you to drive revenue through Social Media.

Our (Critical Mission Computing’s) social media experts know ins and outs of each social media channel. Selecting the right social channel and opting for the right social marketing strategy requires experience and insights. If you are facing challenges in building the right combination of informative and promotional posts or running a profitable social media advertising campaign, or any other challenge in reaching your business goals, give us a call, we’ll try to help you out.

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